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About Us

Most gyms in Ann Arbor lack the functional training experience and depth of knowledge about training men, women and children that Skip and the other BSI trainers offer. Combined with our strength training and years of functional training experience it's no wonder our programs are fun, demanding, safe, and NEVER boring!

Edwin "Skip" Bunton, MS. ATC. has over 27 years of experience in orthopedic rehabilitation of sport-related injuries, physical development, and sports performance. He has a diverse clientele ranging from non-athletes to adolescent athletes to the professional athletes. He has established a reputation for exceptional work. He's recognized by orthopedic surgeons and other trainers for his ability to resolve chronic sport-related injuries through post-rehabilitation/biomechanical performance enhancement programs – even when conventional methods have failed.

There are very few strength and conditioning gyms in Ann Arbor that offer the diverse, innovative, progressive and ever changing, challenging environment at BSI. BSI built its reputation long before the era of CROSSFIT and other well marketed training programs! Skip has been ahead of his time in training for multiple circuit, Olympic lifting, and core training since the mid-80's! There are so many programs that lack innovation and creativity, it's easy to get bored with the same predictable workout. Not at BSI!

Don't let the internet or the latest fitness craze turn you off from being a better, healthier you! We can help you enjoy the process of losing weight. Get started today with your first FREE personal training session!

BODY SPECS specializes in:

  • Functional training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Specialized strength and conditioning programs for women and junior female athletes
  • We provide the MOST innovative fitness instruction ANYWHERE. Guaranteed