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Return to Extraordinary PerformanceSM:

*(Details at end of Course Agenda)

 A workshop for trainers and coaches who want to learn innovative techniques for improving strength & conditioning
 in athletics and managing sport related injuries.



Return to Extraordinary PerformanceSM Workshops  are fun and challenging because we know that trainers, more than anything, want to learn new techniques and training formats. We do this very well! So come to train, learn and enjoy a lively training environment that garnered Skip Bunton top 100 trainers in America by Mens Journal 2 years in a row!
This brief but intense day will combine Skip's 'unorthodox' and somewhat controversial  approach to performance and sports injury management.  His audiences are always challenged by his thought provoking stance on training, conditioning and sports injury management/prevention.
The second half of the course will be the fun part: learning some new approaches to training design for your client population!

Skip will be short on lecture and long on practical application! So bring your notebooks, challenging questions and an open mind. More importantly, bring training gear so you can participate in the lab portion of workshop!

This is a first in a series of RETURN TO EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE workshops. If you can't make either of the dates, reserve your spot for future scheduled workshops. You can simply email us (see 'General information') and you will be added to our mailing list. Your information will be used strictly for workshop announcements.



A. Disease of Excellence...... [8:35am-10am]

  •  The Body is NOT made for sport!

o   Why?...Why do we 'crush' our clients. Building a better physiology.

o   Science of the hurt..Training 'stings' sometimes. 

o   Causative Cure..Do you KNOW what you are doing? 


10 minute break


B. Top 3 PRE-EXSISTING and TRAINING INDUCED injury sites [10:10am-12pm]

                1.   Shoulder (esp. the female shoulder)

2.   Knee (esp. the female knee)  

3.   Low Back    

4.   The 'problem' with stretching 


 LUNCH TIME! 1145a-1p...provided by ANN ARBOR COOKS...........


C. TRAINING  PEARLS LAB. What you really want! [1P-3P]


  • Plate training
  • Kettle bell spectrum
  • Innovative speed tempo drills
  • Random agility for improve direction change
  • Plyo-gility
  • Vertimax spectrum     
  • 'Straps & Tow' training


  • Stability  
  • Progressive function
  • Progressive power
  • Progressive core training
  • Anaerobic power recovery  
  • How to REALLY stretch [FREE stretch strap]




*Other topics that may or may not be covered in workshop: (Skip and his staff will stay around if you are interested):

o   Kettlebell drills outside (if weather permits) and inside

o   Tires, ropes and straps training

o   Barbell techniques

o   TRAINING PLYOGILITY...the hurdles don't have to be straight and you don't always need a box!  

o   15, 10, 30 reps...what, when and how. Plate and dumbbell permutations.

 Throughout the course of the workshop indications and contraindications for certain techniques will be discussed.  


Thank you. We look forward to meeting you!




This workshop is approved for .5 CEU's for NSCA & ACE certified trainers. This is a technique driven workshop. There will be a strong emphasis on injury predisposition/management and how to improvise popular lifts, training combinations to augment your current program and sports injury management strategies to improve your training regiment. This course is ideal for you if you are looking for 'other' innovative methods to broaden your program scope and design.

This one day workshop is ideal for ALL levels of trainers.

When: Sat, Oct 18th, 2014

Time: Registration: 8a-830a

          Workshop: 830a-230p

Where: BODY SPECS ltd, located at 3796 Plaza dr., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

Contact: or call 734.827.2744

Cost: $125 Professional // $60 student (Student ID required at sign in)

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. The workshop will be recorded by Rochon Videography. It will be put up on our website for you to access! You will be notified in advance when this will occur.