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Fitness for Women-Worried About Getting Bulky?

Are you worried about getting too bulky or muscular?

Don’t worry! At Body Specs, LTD., we understand fitness for women. You may not know it, but the movements women need to get great results are exactly the same as a male client! However, the amount of weight you practice with depends on your personal goals and restrictions.

We won’t ever make you perform a movement or exercise that isn’t safe. If you feel uncomfortable with a movement, we’ll work within your limits and adapt it so you can get the best results! The goal of each movement is to help you improve in specific ways. Your goals are our goals!

Train Different at Body Specs: Fitness For Women in Ann Arbor!

Want to actually see results? Want more sustained energy throughout the day? Want to live a long, healthier life? If you have a goal in mind, we’ll help you get there no matter what your fitness level!

Hear from some of our “real” clients:

“I’ve never done the same thing twice!” says Julie.
“My confidence level has gone way up! says Lucy.
“I want someone to push me. That’s exactly what I get here!” says Danielle.

To find out what more people are saying about Body Specs, LTD. read more reviews here!

You have to be prepared to put the work in! Body Specs, LTD. can help guide you on the road to becoming a better, healthier you! Get started today by scheduling your first class and personal training session for FREE!