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Mark Philips, CAFS!!

Mark Philips, CAFS!!

MARK PHILLIPS has just completed a challenging course in APPLIED FUNCTIONAL SCIENCE.His efforts should be lauded because this was a demanding course that started 3 months ago!. It required hours of video lectures on matters of biomechanics, injury mechanism, mulitplanar motion of the ankle, knee, hip, thoracic and cervical spine, soft tissue implication in injury, and stretching in loaded and unloaded, methods of closed chain rehab for the lower and upper extremity. This was not a simple 'take a test. Pass. Train people. ' No. This course required comprehension of some cutting edge sports science and sports injury prevention & management.

He deserves this attention, beause it is proof at BSL we NEVER stop working to be better, and better and better. Mark exmplifies the discipline and the committment not only to BSL, but to it's customers; one of our core values.

I am extremely proud what he has accompolished and if you train here, then you know Mark shows an intense desire to provide you with a supreme training expereince. His new acquired knowledge will only broaden his already, vast training knowledge and application.