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Ages 10 and up

High School & Youth Training Programs

BODY SPECS LTD high school and youth performance training programs bring the same methodology and intensity used with professional athletes to support and prepare high school and youth athletes. The leader in performance training for the world’s top athletes, BODY SPECS prepares athletes to get the most out of their bodies by increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility, leading to increased productivity and decreased injury.

Training also includes nutrition and regeneration techniques to improve performance and educate young athletes on how decisions off the field, between games, and at practices can improve their overall performance. Athletes work in small groups with coaches to ensure training is done correctly and efficiently.

Training programs for individuals and teams are available year-round to support your athlete in reaching their performance goals.

 “I started here because I felt that the other athletes were passing me up on the field. But since I’ve been here I pass everyone now! Skips mazing.  He has helped me to become  stronger mentally and more confident. Then when I broke my leg I became confident and stronger in other areas because he did my rehab. The training is so different because it has so many different possibilities. Skip and Mark are the best trainers around. It’s awesome”

Alexandra Wilbanks. Senior at Lincoln High School and will be attending Eastern Michigan University on a full soccer scholarship



Performance Training

  • Speed – Running mechanics and agility
  • Power – Strength training and plyometrics
  • Conditioning – Proper conditioning to improve work capacity
  • Flexibility – Increasing joint and muscle strength and durability

Performance Testing

  • Vertical Jump
  • 10-yard acceleration
  • V02 Sub-max
  • Muscular strength

Injury Prevention

  • Functional assessment – Identify areas of weakness and develop corrective strategies
  • Regeneration – Aid in workout recovery to keep your body ready to perform each day
  • Rehab exercises - Target areas of the body to help prevent injuries


  • Post-workout shake – Aid in recovery of muscles providing essential proteins and nutrients
  • Nutrition 101 – Understand how to fuel and hydrate the body to achieve peak performance before, during, and after games and practices

For more information, including a free trial opportunity for new athletes, contact us today.

BODY SPECS specializes in:

·         Functional training

·         Strength and conditioning/optimizing athletic performance

·         Specialized strength and conditioning programs for women and junior female athletes


·         We provide the MOST innovative fitness instruction ANYWHERE. Guaranteed

High School and Youth Fitness Training Ann Arbor