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BODY SPECS LTD understands the importance of maximizing each athlete’s physical abilities, developing long-term prospects, and building training, rehabilitation, and nutrition services for sustained success.

Basketball Athletic Training Ann Arbor

Basketball Team Services

BODY SPECS LTD offers various programs to promote long-term development, as well as short-term and long-term benefits to the organization. Improve offensive production, defensive capacity, and speed, and decrease injuries with the Athletes’ Performance services below:

Athlete Evaluations

Athlete evaluations include a battery of tests evaluating each athlete’s current physical abilities and weaknesses.. Athlete evaluations may include:

  • Performance testing
  • VO2 sub-max cardio strength
  • Assessing injury risk

This includes the athlete evaluation services above plus upper and lower quarter functional examinations for further programming individualization and provides solutions for individuals or groups of athletes based on their needs and team goals.



Training weeks for individual athletes to focus on needed areas of improvement. As the athletes purchase more weeks, the price point decreases, and these weeks can be used with any number of athletes. (A two-week stay per athlete is suggested.)

Speed Camp

Speed camp provides athlete speed assessments and includes evaluation of sprint times and quality of running movement patterns. These two-week camps at a BODY SPECS LTD facility during off-season focus on:

  • First-step quickness
  • Acceleration mechanics
  • Absolute speed mechanics


BODY SPECS specializes:

·         Functional training

·         Strength and conditioning

·         Specialized strength and conditioning programs for women and junior female athletes

·         We provide the MOST innovative fitness instruction ANYWHERE. Guaranteed