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Softball is a game that tests strength, speed, agility and power. Good players excel in one or some of these areas—great ones combine them all. At BODY SPECS LTD, we know the importance of being strong and powerful to drive the ball, the speed required to fly around the bases and track every ball in the field, and the agility required to make highlight reel plays.

Performance training with BODY SPECS LTD will help take your game to the next level. Whether you’re an All-American player or just looking to make the team, we'll help you become stronger, faster, and more prepared than you’ve ever been. Training focuses on improving the functional movements needed to perform at the highest level, while also educating athletes on strategies that decrease injury potential, creating a game plan for sustainable performance and success over their athletic career.

Customized Training Focused on Softball Performance

Softball Athletic Training Ann Arbor


"I trained with Skip as a Junior in high school. I Knew I wanted to continue train with him when I went to the University of Michigan where I played for 4 years. The way he trained me in high school I knew he would do the same for me to get me ready for the National team. Love working out at BODY SPECS. It’s an amazing workout and if you are not here then you should be!"

-Amanda Chidester, 2x All American, 2x Big Ten player of the Year, Michigans Big 10 Medal of Honor Winner


Combining strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility along with proper nutrition and recovery strategies is essential to spending more time on the field and less time on the bench.

Performance Training

  • Speed - Go 1st to 3rd and cover the gaps
  • Power - Drive the ball with power
  • Agility - React to the ball quicker off the bat

Injury Prevention

  • Functional evaluation to identify movement dysfunction
  • Daily regeneration to help aid muscle recovery
  • Prehab exercises designed to decrease injury potential


  • Post-workout supplementation for optimal muscle recovery
  • Nutrition education lectures
  • Personalized nutrition programs available

BODY SPECS specializes in:

·         Functional training

·         Strength and conditioning

·         Specialized strength and conditioning programs for women and junior female athletes


·         We provide the MOST innovative fitness instruction ANYWHERE. Guaranteed!

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