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Doug Muncey

Innovation, creative and exciting training. There is no one in the state of Michigan that knows body mechanics better than Edwin Bunton.

I had a torn ACL. Edwin Bunton prepared me before surgery and after surgery. I was running again after 1 month.

Started having foot problems. I went to U of M orthopedics. Several appointments and no satisfaction. I spoke with Edwin Bunton about injury. He evaluated my feet and suggested an orthotic / arch support. PROBLEM SOLVED! Should have went to Edwin (Skip) in the first place.

If you are looking for results and do not want to waste time... Go to BODYSPECS...

Inge Gaiser

I met Skip when I was 54 years old and after a failed attempt to get myself back into shape.

I am a physical therapist by profession and thought that I should be able to pick the right exercises that did not aggravate my already hurting knees. but whatever I did did not help much and more often made my knees more sore. That's when decided that I need help.

I noticed right away that Skip's workouts were very different than mine. 30 min were enough for me and I left me dripping with sweat but my joints never hurt and I always felt strangely invigorated after the workout. Because I could feel the results I kept going and I started working out by myself an additional 2-3 times per week doing only the things he taught me.

My initial goal was being able to run a few hundred yards without instant knee pain and severe shortness of breath , and after a year of consistent workouts with Skip I was able to do that. After 2 years I was able to run the 10 K Dexter Ann Arbor run without any knee pain.

I am very happy that I decided to get help from Skip to reach and exceed the fitness goals I had. I especially recommend him for people who have some issues like knee /shoulder/hip or back pain. Skip is the reason I can run today without knee pain.

J. Evans

I have been training at Body Specs in Ann Arbor for several years and absolutely enjoy the experience thoroughly. The functional training programming created by Skip has been world class for me. I have been injury free and my low back problems have gone away!!! Yes, training properly can help resolve certain "aches and pains."

A. Woodruff

After my ACL reconstruction I was devastated and concerned I would not regain my strength. Skip not only gave me the ability to be competitive again, I surpassed my own fitness goals. His results are visible and almost instantaneous. After 30 years in my sport, I have a new outlook on my health and where I can take the next 20 years. I am a better athletic than in my 20’s and never knew this level of body awareness was possible.

T. Coates

I began personal training at BSI last winter after trying several other places for personal training in Ann Arbor. I was significantly overweight and uncomfortable at most gyms. I worried about that at first with BSI because they work with a lot of hard core athletes and are known for their boot camp style training. But what I found was that Skip and Mark have created one of the most positive, motivating environments that I have ever been involved with - gym or not. Their educated and experienced method of functional training began changing the way I felt and moved immediately. This foundation led to weight training and their energizing 30 minute group class. I lost 14 inches in just a couple months with their method of toning the whole body. They taught me so much and guided my progress with a system based on injury prevention. I never left a session at BSI without feeling strong, positive about life and energized. They really have created something unique and special there. One of a kind.

D. Prior

Always new, always innovative, always challenging. The training program and intensity is catered to the individual. I tell you one thing, you will never get bored! All fitness levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced, and the classes are off the hook. The first session is free, so there is no reason not to try. The only thing you have lose is weight!