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  • VOTED 2X MENS JOURNAL TOP 100 TRAINER/3xBest of Ann Arbor for personal training
  • Come on in to BODY SPECS and experience what has made us an award winning training facility!

We are the most qualified in the science of optimizing athletic performance for ALL sports and it is what we are known for! We also specialize in training junior athletes from age 8. We provide CUSTOMIZED or team training as well.. We guarantee our program will put you at that ‘next level’ of athletic performance!

At BODY SPECS LTD we understand the importance of maximizing each athlete’s physical abilities, developing long-term prospects, and building training, rehabilitation, and nutrition services for sustained success.

The programs are progressive. That means that no matter how long[years] you are training at BSI we redesign the program based on your current physical and performance goals. This means you will always be able to improve your performance EVERY season!

Come on into BODY SPECS and experience our award winning training programs. The first class and personal training session are FREE! You got nothing to lose but weight, and muscle to gain! CALL (734) 827-2744 TODAY and mention this ad to receive special discount and $5off our popular BSI performance t-shirt!


Nutrition Education and Consultation Services

Nutrition services are provided by Kyle Bunton RD, owner of ANN ARBOR NUTRITION and include team and staff education on daily, game-day, and away game nutrition, individual assessment and programming, and food service consultation.

For more information, contact us today.